Frequently Asked Questions

How Often should I get an Eye Examination (Up to 16 years of age)
Under 16's should be examined annually. A child is never too young to have their eyes checked and as vision is developing in the early years of life, it is very important that very young children are checked.
How Often should I get an Eye Examination (16 - 60 years of age)
From 16-60 you should have your eyes checked every two years.
How Often should I get an Eye Examination (Over 60)
Over 60's should be examined annually.
Do I need to pay for for an eye examination?
In Scotland, the eye examination is paid for by the NHS.
Macular degeneration
Macular degeneration is a common condition which usually occurs with age. The middle part of the retina wears out with age and this can cause difficulty with a persons vision. Sometimes reading or watching TV become difficult . There are different types of macular degeneration, mostly it is not treatable , but in some cases it is. If a person notices a sudden change in the middle part of their eye they should have their eyes examined because macular degeneration is one of the possible causes.
Cataract is a very common eye condition which occurs when the lens inside the eye becomes cloudy with age. This results in your vision becoming blurry. When cataract reaches a certain stage of development,or when it is causing you difficulty, it can be removed. There is a very reliable operation which removed the old cloudy lens from your eye and replaces it with a clear silicone lens. This quite often restores the vision to an excellent standard.
Glaucoma is a disease which damages the little nerves at the back of your eye. This can cause loss of peripheral vision and in some cases can cause blindness. There are a range of tests for Glaucoma which include testing the pressure inside your eye. in most cases Glaucoma is treatable and regular eye examinations can detect Glaucoma at am early stage.
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